What to Consider when Buying a Thermal Printer

So you have learned what thermal printing is all about!  You’ve decided you want a brand new shiny thermal printer for your office. What do you look for in a thermal printer? More importantly, what makes a thermal printer right for you (and your business)? Today LabelWorxs is going to guide you through the tangled path of a thermal printer purchase.

The first question you need to consider is how many labels a day you will be printing. There are three types of thermal printers:

Type of Printer Starting Price Number of Labels per Day
Industrial Printer £500-£1000 Thousands
Desktop Printer £150-£300 Hundreds
Mobile Printer £150-£300 Typically up to 100

Next, you need to think about what size label would suit your product. Most thermal printers (and labels) are sized in inches. The printers typically come in 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” print widths. All printers sold by LabelWorxs are capable of printing any width of label/receipt up to their maximum (some printers are not capable of this).

You know what size your label is and how many you will be printing per day but how are you going to tell your printer to print? This is usually referred to as a printer’s COMMS (Communications).

Industrial printers and desktop printers are largely the same in this capacity. Most will have a USB & serial connection to connect to a PC/MAC. Others will be capable of being placed on a computer network (so any device on that network can print to this printer). This will take the form of WiFi or Ethernet. This is an important feature if you will have multiple people using the same printer. There are workarounds for USB printers to achieve but this blog is not the right place for this.

Mobile printers usually have some form of USB connectivity for hardwiring to a PC but most are connected to via Bluetooth (some desktop & industrial printers also have Bluetooth). Some come with WiFi and most of these are found in the retail or warehouse & manufacturing sectors.

On our homepage, you will find our Purchasing Assistant quiz that will guide you through the buying process and make a recommendation on which printer would suit your needs. Or if you want a more personal touch to help you find the right thermal printer, then give us a call and one of our thermal printing experts will be happy to help.

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