Zebra Thermal Printer Trade Up

Does poor print quality put a dampener on your day? Wish you could tap to pair your printer via Bluetooth? Or do think your printer is too big and outdated?

Zebra & LabelWorxs have teamed up to help! You can save up to £325 off a brand new Zebra Printer by trading up any old thermal printer. Just give us the make, model & serial number of your current thermal printer; let us know which shiny new Zebra thermal printer you would like and we tell you how much you have just saved. The only caveat is, if you choose to go ahead with the purchase that you dispose of your old printer in a responsible fashion. No fly tipping on our watch!

And the printer you are trading up has to be the same type of printer you wish to purchase. For example,  mobile printer for mobile printer or industrial printer for industrial printer. No cheating by trading in an old mobile printer for a brand new industrial one.

Still not convinced? There can great ongoing savings by trading up to a brand new printer. Switching to a cartridge printer from a ribbon drops the printer loading time to mere seconds.

Zebra’s new Link OS enabled printers give you visibility of all your Link OS printers across the world. It also gives you the ability to do everything remotely, apart from load media. Zebra has refused to comment on whether they are developing robots to do this for us. This not only removes downtime but results in saving on costly, unneeded, onsite repairs.

Link OS can tell you when your printer needs more media, ahead of time. No more running out of media in the middle of a large job.

So don’t delay, trade up today! (Trade Up Ends 31st May 2019)


If you want to take advantage of this trade up just give us a call, +44 (0)1905 799555, or email us, sales@labelworxs.com


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